Celebrating A Year of Awesome…

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CoWork Factory is proud to announce that not only have we survived our first year in downtown New Braunfels, we have THRIVED.

We are looking forward to our second year of productivity and fun with all of our cool coworking colleagues (listed below), as well with both Yeti, and Maya “the Factory Pup” – who is also celebrating being one-year old.


We give a BIG, GRATEFUL “SHOUT OUT” to each of our Executive Suite, Dedicated Desk, Full-time, Part-time and Virtual / Mail Service Members, because without each of you, we would not have much to celebrate.  Thank you being a part of the CoWork Factory’s first year in business!

If you are self-employed, telecommute, work out of your car, etc., talk to one of these “AWESOME” members listed below and ask why they joined, and what they value about “The Factory”.

And please come check us out.  You, and your business, will be glad you did.

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Assorted Businesses at The CoWork Factory

Bike Waiter / www.thebikewaiter.com

CPA Technology Group / www.cpatechgroup.com

Joint Venture Accounting / www.jointventureaccounting.com

New Braunfels Cleaning & Restoration / www.newbraunfelscleaning.com

PCD International / www.pcdinternational-usa.com


Donald Duncan / donaldduncan1020@gmail.com

David Friesenhahn / www.friesenhahnlaw.com


CoPilot Creative / www.copilotcreative.com

Current Creative Group / www.currentcg.com

Deric Garza – Digital Media & Event Production Consultant / dericg@me.com

Odin Creative / www.thinkodin.com

No Flash Photography / www.saynotoselfies.com

Rogue Music / scott@roguemusicgroup.com

Engineers & Construction

Edward Christman – BIM-HQ / www.BIM-HQ.com

Criterium Williams Engineers / www.criterium-williams.com

New Braunfels Siding / www.nbsiding.com

Tomsu Stokinger Engineering / sstokinger@ts-eng.com

Healthy Living

Nancy Pappas  – Non-Profit Consultant / nancy@nancypappas.com

Real Estate and Mortgage

American Mortgage & Equity Consultants / www.amecinc.org