Coworking in “north” New Braunfels

Below is a link to a great article about a relatively new coworking site in east Austin.

The founder, Vijay Mehra, highlights many of the same challenges but more importantly similar opportunities we saw in New Braunfels nearly three years ago. The goals are to:

  • build a community,
  • support your members,
  • collaborate on mutual projects,
  • conduct and host events, and doing many other things to be successful.

At the CoWork Factory, we are doing many of these, but are also always seeking new and better methods to nurture our community here in New Braunfels.  Input welcome anytime!

Photo credit: Deric Garza

Location: atx Factory


Coworking in 2017. Some background.

Some people are familiar with the coworking concept and others are not.  So what is coworking?

We describe it as a flexible approach to workspace – one where you work independently but in an atmosphere that is both professional and collaborative.

At New Braunfels’ one and only CoWork Factory – we have a wide variety of people who use the space. We have professionals who are CPAs, attorneys, Professional Engineers, graphic designers, technologists, accountants, music industry professionals, non-profit marketers, real estate professionals, and home/elder care specialists. Many of our members are small business owners and others work remotely for large national and international companies.

For more information, this Wikipedia link offers a substantial history of this popular global movement.


Credit:  Thank you for the cool infographic!