If it’s good enough for Aggies, then…

Dear Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Telecommuters, and more:

IMG_2943 (1)According to two recent articles in Texas A&M Today, experts agree that standing desks are good for kids and adults (and cows, horses, pigs, etc.).  But seriously, our Aggie friends are proponents of standing desks for overall better health. In fact, to see an interesting news clip discussing the benefits of using standing desks in schools, click here.

Research indicates you burn 15 percent more calories using standing desks, and it also shows that not only will your health improve, but your productivity will increase as well.  Yep, just using standing desks can boost workplace productivity up to 46%.IMG_2946 (1)

The CoWork Factory has a variety of desk options – seated, standing, couches, club chairs, bar stools, yoga balls, and an over-the-top comfy lounge chair with ottoman.  So, stand up and start walking to the CoWork Factory and find the work option that fits you!

 If it’s good enough for both children and Aggies, it has to be good for everyone….



Texas A&M Today articles by:
Craig Hlavaty, August 24, 2016
Christina Sumners, May 25, 2016