A Princess in our midst… Nancy Pappas

At the CoWork Factory, many of us help make our community stronger, more livable, interesting, musical, fit, positive, connected, creative …. you name it. Whether it’s the Downtown Association and their upcoming October 6 Wine Stroll, Puppy Playland Dog Park, Comal Trails Alliance, NB NEXT, New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, or numerous other area non-profits and committees, this group tends to get involved.

messages-image60809292Our mentor, or shall we say Prince of this effort, is Nancy Pappas (yeah, we know, should be “Princess” or even “Queen”).

In remembrance of Prince Carl Solms’ goal to build a “safe and prosperous settlement”, Nancy was recently awarded the City of a Prince Award at the City of New BraunfelsParks and Recreation Volunteer Award dinner. Nancy’s efforts wrap all around New Braunfels – whether it’s healthy gardens at area elementary schools, the creation of a new city park on Morningside Drive, the County Line walk and bicycle path, and advocating for more hike and mountain bike trails with Comal Trails Alliance, Nancy is not only fearless (does she sleep, ever??), she is also determined to help improve the spirit and health of our community.

We are excited that Nancy has been acknowledged for her tenacious efforts and we too extend our congratulations to her for all of her achievements!


To follow Nancy’s leadership, and in the spirit of making our community better, the CoWork Factory challenges you to get involved!

Consider joining any of the groups mentioned above, or perhaps get involved with the City of New Braunfels’ current effort to recruit volunteers for the 18-24 month Comprehensive Plan.

Join. Be Involved. Make a Difference.

Who knows – we could soon have another Prince, or Princess, in our midst? (And knowing Nancy, we doubt she will want to relinquish her “crown” anytime soon, so we hope you join her in her royal endeavors!)

pastedgraphic-8pastedgraphic-8To read even more about the efforts and accomplishments of all this year’s other award winners (pictured below) who are truly making a difference in New Braunfels, please click here.



  1. Nancy Pappas and City Councilman Ron Reaves upon accepting her City of a Prince Award.pastedgraphic-8
  2. The 2016 Award Winners at the City of New Braunfels, Parks & Recreation Awards Dinner.